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What's My Deal?

NBA commentator Jeff Van Gundy once said, "When you are juiceless, you are useless." Well Jeff, I completely agree, and that is why I strive to bring the juice EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I have always gravitated toward the world of sports, music, and entertainment, but after experiencing a global pandemic during my prime college years, I have come to realize that my true passion lies within other people and their unique stories. During my time in Santa Barbara, I have experienced constant learning and self-growth, most of which occurred beyond the classroom. That's not to say that I don't cherish the skills I've learned from the Communication and Writing Programs, but if anything became clear during my time at UCSB, it was that life is far bigger than your GPA or academic achievements. Whether I was fully immersed in a live basketball broadcast, a group project for a class, or an intramural soccer game, my mentality remained constant. Be authentic, treat others with respect, and embrace the moment.

You don't have to be a rabid sports fan, music geek or raging extrovert to enjoy this page. If you're passionate about what you do, hungry to achieve your goals, and willing to have an open mind along the way, let's connect.

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What I Do

  • headset


    There's something truly spectacular about the buzz of an exciting sports environment, and I relish the moments when I can be the voice of the action. Basketball is where I have had the most experience, highlights, and fun, but I'm looking forward to expanding my horizons further as we transition out of the pandemic.

  • microphone


    Oddly enough, interviewing is more within my comfort zone than most of my other skills. I guess I'd just rather have interesting conversations with other people than sit alone and scream at my computer. Learn more about some of my favorite interview subjects and their stories in the Projects and Stories section below!

  • web-design

    Web Design

    I began with the GoDaddy Website Builder, and have since learned Wix, Squarespace, and HTML. It's been a fairly new and, at times, overwhelming experience, but also one that I've found to be highly rewarding.

  • Pencil


    Academic papers, ethnographic research, podcast segments, blogs, social media posts, feature stories, speeches, rewritten song lyrics, creative rants, and even poetry. I like to keep things interesting.


For Some More Specifics

A better look at my experience in graphic design, website building, podcasting, and more.

  • 70%
    Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
  • 75%
  • 75%
    Web Design (Wix, Squarespace, HTML5)
  • 90%
    Sound Editing (Audacity)
  • 90%
    Microsoft Office
  • 100%
    Sarcastic Humor

Work Experience and Education

More of My Credentials.

Just a few of the many important experiences that shaped who I am today.


July 2015 - Present

KCSB-FM 91.9

Sports Broadcaster

Beginning in January 2020, I decided to give radio broadcasting a shot and quickly became immersed in the UCSB Men's and Women's basketball programs. In my short amount of time with KCSB, I have witnessed some insane moments, some euphoric and others heartbreaking. But the one that will always stick with me was sitting courtside to call JaQuori McLaughlin's buzzer-beating dagger against rival Cal Poly SLO. Those are the type of memories I will cherish forever.

July 2019 - September 2019

UC Davis Athletics

Intern to the Associate Athletic Director

Primary tasks included performing research projects for various Division I programs, inputting data into Google Docs and Microsoft Excel, and consulting with the marketing department to brainstorm methods for generating funds to UC Davis athletics. As football season approached, I collaborated with the Director of Football Operations to manage the team's practice schedule and arrange travel logistics.

October 2018 - December 2019

UCSB Recreation Center

Intramural Soccer Referee

I mostly have this listed here so that you can laugh at how much I've been yelled at in a previous job. If I'm being honest though, learning how to take all that heat from former high school soccer players who had an inflated sense of their athletic importance was actually a super valuable learning experience. Yes, I did have to hand out a red card at one point, and yes, it felt awesome.


September 2017 - December 2021

University of California, Santa Barbara

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Minor: Professional Writing (Multimedia)
Ceritifcate in the Sports Management Program

In addition to my academics at UCSB, I served as a co-captain for the Black Tide Ultimate Frisbee club team. And before you make any jokes about the sport, wouldn't you too want to check it out if you lived on the beach?

March 2021 - June 2021

Internship for the Professional Writing Minor

Web Designer: Raab Writing Fellows Program

As part of the Professional Writing Minor, I served as an intern for the Raab Writing Fellows program helping students with web design. Beginning in 2017, the program was designed for a small group of students to be mentored by faculty while they completed yearlong, independent projects set to be showcased at the end of the school year. I really enjoyed being able to interact with other students and learn about the various subjects that drove them to put passion and creativity into their work.

Projects and Stories

Sample Some of My Favorite Works and Interview Experiences

This section features some of my favorite works in design, podcasting, and interviewing. In addition to being some of the most fun projects I've created, these are also the moments that forced me develop a quality work ethic. This is where I truly learned the value of bringing the juice to my craft.

If you're looking to start up a podcast of your own, check out my tutorial on how getting your show published on major platforms.

Full Tutorial

Brand Style Guide

As part of the Professional Writing Program, I created a personal brand style guide using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign among many other resources. Treating myself like my own personal brand, this project was a space for me to get creative, bold, and think outside the box. Full BSG

Poddy Train Me

In the early stages of COVID-19, I finally let a long-time idea of mine materialize. "Poddy Train Me" has been a perfect platform to display my passion for sports, pop culture and entertainment, and it has allowed me to connect with the wonderful individuals featured on this page. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, and more! Learn More

Eliza Pierre

One of my favorite college athletes from my childhood, Eliza Pierre was a key member of the historic Cal women's basketball team that reached the Final Four back in 2013. Now, she serves as an assistant coach for the UCSB Women's Basketball program, and talks about what it means to coach this group and the potential they have in future seasons. Full Episode

MJ Acosta-Ruiz

A rising star in the sports media world, MJ Acosta-Ruiz became the first ever Afro-Latina to host a show on NFL Network. In addition to being a trailblazing figure in the sports world, Acosta-Ruiz is extremely thoughtful, intelligent, and charismatic, earning her the rightful title of the Queen of NFL Total Access. Full Episode

Jeff Darlington

I had the absolute honor of hosting this handsome and successful reporter for ESPN during the 2020 NFL offseason. This action-packed 50 minutes included plenty of NFL talk, constant roasting of one another's family members, and even some reminiscing of Darlington's favorite episode of South Park. Full Episode

JaQuori McLaughlin

Prior to the 2020-2021 season, I spoke with UCSB Men's Basketball star player JaQuori McLaughlin about their season being cut short due to COVID-19 and the importance of setting the right example both on and off the basketball court. McLaughlin went on to win Big West Player of the Year and lead the Gauchos to their first NCAA tournament appearance since 2011. Full Episode

Abby LoSole

In February 2020, I wrote a Q&A feature story on Abby LoSole, a UCSB dance major who found new purpose in teaching younger students. The story was ultimately published on the UCSB Humanities and Fine Arts website, and LoSole continues to teach at Santa Barbara Dance Arts. on the UCSB Humanities and Fine Arts website. Full Story

Mia Mastrov

From Miramonte High School in Orinda, CA to the University of California Golden Bears, Mia Mastrov talks through her journey as a student athlete, the buildup of her public profile, and how she hopes to see the game of basketball progress over the next decade. Learn More


I always love hearing from new people. Feel free to drop me a message below or reach out via phone or email.

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."

-John Lennon

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